Sennheiser Wireless Systems in Malta

Adding more Sennheiser Wireless Systems to the PowerSound Inventory

When it comes to wireless microphones and in-ear systems, you can never go wrong with Sennheiser. The RF spectrum in most countries is getting fuller and fuller by the hour; a robust wireless system therefore becomes a need. Needless to say, the large majority of gigs and corporate work always require cordless mics. We do not take this lightly, because we strive for maximum performance and delivering the best results, utilising premium brands.

Wireless Microphones

Ever since we started working with Sennheiser Wireless Systems, we never had issues when it comes to transmission and reception of signals. Not to mention that we love the 900 series capsules which offer a varied menu of e935 e945 and e965 capsules. The latter, a condenser capsule, sets the bar very high for wireless condenser capsules. Artists love it, our engineers love it and the audience loves it even more.

Wireless In-Ear Monitors

Once the demand for wireless in-ear systems grew, investing in Sennheiser was a natural choice. We provide the EW300 IEM G3 as well as the latest generation EW IEM G4 receivers and transmitters. The transmitters are equipped with helical antennas for maximum distribution guaranteeing no signal losses, even in very large venues.