PowerSound invests in DigiGrid Waves Plugins and Virtual Sound Checks

DigiGrid DGS-XL Extreme Server

Used on major tours and in pro studios, the DiGiGrid DGS-XL Extreme server will let you run as many Waves and other SoundGrid-compatible plugins as you want, on as many channels as you’ve got, and give your live shows studio-grade sound. As an example, you can throw plugins modelled on the world’s top consoles on each and every channel, and basically make your mixer sound like a classic top-tier desk.

Waves Plugins and Virtual Sound Checks for the Most Demanding Applications

Thanks to its dedicated DSP Processing, with DGS-XL one can simultaneously run many plugins as well as record an exhausting channel count. We use the sound grid network in various situations, be it for recording a full blown Orchestra, or doing a virtual sound check for a rock band.

The listening experience has dramatically changed through the years. The audience now demands to hear a studio mix during live concerts, including long signal chains, master suites, sparkly effects and all dynamics known to man. All this can only be marvellously achieved with plug-ins.

Digigrid forms part of the Audiotonix group, the same family as our Digico consoles. This means seamless integration across all applications.