2019: What a Great Year!

The most challenging, yet the most rewarding year.

Thank you, 2019, you were great to us! We clocked many many hours but it was such a learning curve and great fun! We were booked almost every weekend with back to back events. We worked in all kinds of venues, from small to large, and hosted all kinds of events, including concerts, weddings, corporate events, festivals, carnival, religious, as well as broadcasts. We ended the year and started 2020 with UK Star Becky Hill.

Audio is our passion, so is Full Production

We would like to thank all our clients who leave the technical parts to us. Most times, we’re contracted to deliver audio. Other times, we take the full production on board and liaise with our close partners in the provision of the best stages, standby power distribution, lights, special FX, furniture and decoration, video and projection, filming and photography, catering, and even accommodation.

Check out Our Work, to see what we were up to in 2019.

Sennheiser Wireless Systems in Malta

Adding more Sennheiser Wireless Systems to the PowerSound Inventory

When it comes to wireless microphones and in-ear systems, you can never go wrong with Sennheiser. The RF spectrum in most countries is getting fuller and fuller by the hour; a robust wireless system therefore becomes a need. Needless to say, the large majority of gigs and corporate work always require cordless mics. We do not take this lightly, because we strive for maximum performance and delivering the best results, utilising premium brands.

Wireless Microphones

Ever since we started working with Sennheiser Wireless Systems, we never had issues when it comes to transmission and reception of signals. Not to mention that we love the 900 series capsules which offer a varied menu of e935 e945 and e965 capsules. The latter, a condenser capsule, sets the bar very high for wireless condenser capsules. Artists love it, our engineers love it and the audience loves it even more.

Wireless In-Ear Monitors

Once the demand for wireless in-ear systems grew, investing in Sennheiser was a natural choice. We provide the EW300 IEM G3 as well as the latest generation EW IEM G4 receivers and transmitters. The transmitters are equipped with helical antennas for maximum distribution guaranteeing no signal losses, even in very large venues.

PowerSound invests in DigiGrid Waves Plugins and Virtual Sound Checks

DigiGrid DGS-XL Extreme Server

Used on major tours and in pro studios, the DiGiGrid DGS-XL Extreme server will let you run as many Waves and other SoundGrid-compatible plugins as you want, on as many channels as you’ve got, and give your live shows studio-grade sound. As an example, you can throw plugins modelled on the world’s top consoles on each and every channel, and basically make your mixer sound like a classic top-tier desk.

Waves Plugins and Virtual Sound Checks for the Most Demanding Applications

Thanks to its dedicated DSP Processing, with DGS-XL one can simultaneously run many plugins as well as record an exhausting channel count. We use the sound grid network in various situations, be it for recording a full blown Orchestra, or doing a virtual sound check for a rock band.

The listening experience has dramatically changed through the years. The audience now demands to hear a studio mix during live concerts, including long signal chains, master suites, sparkly effects and all dynamics known to man. All this can only be marvellously achieved with plug-ins.

Digigrid forms part of the Audiotonix group, the same family as our Digico consoles. This means seamless integration across all applications.

2 New OteCables Audio Splitters for PowerSound

PowerSound has invested in:


2 x Audio signal splitter with patchbay 48IN
Special 16AUX patchbay
Test signal module
1:1+1 ISO with LUNDAHL transformers.


8 x Heavy duty Stagebox for touring applications. 12XLR IN, 4XLR OUT (or 14XLR IN, 2XLR OUT).

Signal Splitters and Stage Distribution for Live Shows

Large shows with high channel counts bring about a need for more flexibility. An audio splitter and stage distribution system is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s become a need. We started looking at what’s available on the market but it was very hard to find a system that fits our needs. With the introduction of personal mixing systems, in ear monitoring, stereo wedge monitoring, etc, output signal counts increased dramatically. The distribution therefore had to meet our demands for scattering both input and output channels wherever possible on the stage.
A friend of ours suggested OteCables, a Czech brand specialising in this industry. We found exactly what we needed, and with added features! We’ve already used the systems in the delivery of 3 large shows we can effortlessly say they’ve been a pleasure to work with.

Thanks, Otecables!

Unite with Tomorrowland

Location Marsa Sports Ground, Malta

Date 27 July 2019

Crowd 15,000

Featuring a grand line-up with Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Sunnery James & Ryan, and Marciano, the magnificent Unite with Tomorrowland brought partying crowds in Athens, Barcelona, Malta and Porto magnificently closer. The magical atmosphere was electrified further with live satellite connections with the Tomorrowland Belgium mainstage.

The Powersound Element

The atmosphere was electrifying, the crowd on fire. It was a blast, both for concert-goers and for PowerSound.

The event featured an L-Acoustics set up, designed and engineered by the talented Michal Bruna, assisted by our in-house engineer Richard Grech and the Powersound team. Eighteen Kara were flown on each side to cover a 60m x 100m arena. Twenty KS28 were deployed in a three-row arc-sub end-fire configuration (also known as the Bruna end-fire!) pumping low frequencies all the way to the rear. To cover an elevated VIP area 80m away from the stage, the team set up 2 delay towers consisting of 6 top elements and 6 SB18 to enhance the low frequencies coming from the front.

Powersound worked in extreme heat conditions for long hours, day and night. Flexibility was key in timings for setting up all sound elements. Delays in stage building meant we had to work for more than 50 hours straight. Nothing deters us: once we’ve committed to deliver the best, there’s no doubt we’ll do just that!


Header Image: Unite with Tomorrowland