New Digico SD12-96 for PowerSound

Digico Consoles in Malta

PowerSound has been using Digico Consoles for the last decade. Working with the same brand for a decade says a lot in today’s fast moving world of technology. The Digico SD series has been in the show business with a major market share for quite a number of years. The software and controls didn’t change much; loads of new features were added but an SD series console retains the same workflow. The software has been very well thought out since its very inception. We have 3 consoles from Digico: Digico SD8-24, Digico S21, and Digico SD12-96, fully equipped with Waves Card and plenty of IO possibilites.

Today we are announcing the addition of a second SD12-96.

Why opt for a Digico SD12-96?

Compact in size but big on features, the SD12 96 raises the bar as a multi-application digital console.

The SD12 96 incorporates the latest generation in Super FPGA technology and Core 2 software: it delivers unrivalled power and connectivity in a compact frame. It’s the ideal technology for the delivery of optimal performance in live touring, corporate, install, house of worship, theatre and broadcast environments.

Digico SD12-96 Features

96 Input Channels
48 Aux / Sub-Group Busses
LR/LCR Master Bus
12 x 8 Full Processing Matrix
119 Dynamic Equalizers
48/96 kHz Sample Rate

Digico Support

The sonic performance of Digico SD series is an absolute winner, however one of the main reasons we continue to work closely with Digico is their support team. Of course we had issues with our consoles through the years, but the 24/7 support team was always there to help us even in the most stressful situations. Thanks to Malta’s great year-round weather, 90% of our events are outdoors. This means that our sophisticated electronic equipment is exposed to natural elements, such as dust, humidity, warm temperatures, all of which can affect the consoles. Having a support team ready to assist at any hour of any day is hence imperative.

PowerSound invests in DigiGrid Waves Plugins and Virtual Sound Checks

DigiGrid DGS-XL Extreme Server

Used on major tours and in pro studios, the DiGiGrid DGS-XL Extreme server will let you run as many Waves and other SoundGrid-compatible plugins as you want, on as many channels as you’ve got, and give your live shows studio-grade sound. As an example, you can throw plugins modelled on the world’s top consoles on each and every channel, and basically make your mixer sound like a classic top-tier desk.

Waves Plugins and Virtual Sound Checks for the Most Demanding Applications

Thanks to its dedicated DSP Processing, with DGS-XL one can simultaneously run many plugins as well as record an exhausting channel count. We use the sound grid network in various situations, be it for recording a full blown Orchestra, or doing a virtual sound check for a rock band.

The listening experience has dramatically changed through the years. The audience now demands to hear a studio mix during live concerts, including long signal chains, master suites, sparkly effects and all dynamics known to man. All this can only be marvellously achieved with plug-ins.

Digigrid forms part of the Audiotonix group, the same family as our Digico consoles. This means seamless integration across all applications.