2 New OteCables Audio Splitters for PowerSound

PowerSound has invested in:


2 x Audio signal splitter with patchbay 48IN
Special 16AUX patchbay
Test signal module
1:1+1 ISO with LUNDAHL transformers.


8 x Heavy duty Stagebox for touring applications. 12XLR IN, 4XLR OUT (or 14XLR IN, 2XLR OUT).

Signal Splitters and Stage Distribution for Live Shows

Large shows with high channel counts bring about a need for more flexibility. An audio splitter and stage distribution system is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s become a need. We started looking at what’s available on the market but it was very hard to find a system that fits our needs. With the introduction of personal mixing systems, in ear monitoring, stereo wedge monitoring, etc, output signal counts increased dramatically. The distribution therefore had to meet our demands for scattering both input and output channels wherever possible on the stage.
A friend of ours suggested OteCables, a Czech brand specialising in this industry. We found exactly what we needed, and with added features! We’ve already used the systems in the delivery of 3 large shows we can effortlessly say they’ve been a pleasure to work with.

Thanks, Otecables!