Ghawdex #Inhobbok 2019

Date: 16 February 2019
Location: Independence Square, Victoria, Gozo
Capacity: 2,000
Organiser: Ministry for Gozo
Headliners: Ivan Grech (WinterMoods) & Band


Ghawdex #Inhobbok has become a yearly appointment, an opportunity to celebrate love. Ivan Grech & Band headlined the event and PowerSound was responsible for the audio element.

Each event comes with its own nuances and its own specific challenges. In this case, the band came together specifically for this show so perfect monitoring was the key to success.

We used 3 monitoring systems running simultaneously, including wedges, in-ear monitors, and personal mixers.

Delivering live sound in a marquee is always a challenge: complex sound reflections come into play. That said, we’re proud to have overcome this obstacle and to have delivered an impressive concert experience.

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