Dark Side Over Gozo / Valletta 2017

Date: 25 November 2017
Location: Aurora Opera House Victoria, Gozo | Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Capacity: 1,500
Organiser: 7 Star Pyramid Productions and The Gozo Youth Orchestra
Headliners: Cash and Band
Guest Singers: Keith Anthony, Kevin McGowan, and Jorje Bosios

We look forward to 7 Star Pyramid Productions’ and The Gozo Youth Orchestra’s annual project, featuring the best artists and musicians on the islands and a repertoire that never fails to wow the crowd.

Sound design plays an integral role in these shows: the stage features close to 100 musicians, all with family and friends in the crowd adamant on hearing every note. It is for us a very intensive show – there are quick changeover effects and playouts. Impeccable team communication is key. Still, it’s a challenge we take on gladly.

Due to these factors, as well as specific acoustic issues, the stage layout for Dark Side Over Gozo required some serious thinking. Each and every element of the 60-piece orchestra was miked to deliver the best rock orchestral theatre experience.

Theatres with balconies are rarely easy to deal with. Our aim was to deliver a great sound experience, regardless of where the concert-goer was seated. Intensive element building and sound checks did the job well.

For this particular show we also had the Pink Floyd element to deal with: A Pink Floyd inspired concert requires Pink Floyd sound – the audience expects to hear it, and we certainly deliver it.


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