PowerSound joins the L-Acoustics Rental Network

Official L-Acoustics Rental Network member in Malta.

A leader in the field, L-Acoustics systems add a unique sonic signature to every event in any environment. As a provider of L-Acoustic technology in Malta, Powersound is a member of the prestigious Rental Network, a cooperative platform for the L-Acoustic Rental Community.

The Network is made up of 650 rental companies worldwide, who together employ 7000 experienced technicians and operate 60,000 enclosures sharing a universal system standard.

Delivering professionality and quality, L-Acoustics is the go-to brand for engineers, production managers, promoters and artists.

Regardless of where your event’s at, L-Acoustics delivers a consistent service through flawless audio Every. Single. Time.

Powersound is committed and qualified to deliver this, and more. Our system technicians, riggers and engineers followed specialised training and are officially certified in L-Acoustics systems.

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