DPA Microphones in Malta

DPA 4099 CORE for String Instruments

We’re always on the lookout to add to our impressive inventory and we simply had to get ahold of the 4099 CORE. This specialist microphone brings more clarity and details to your music, across the entire dynamic range.

The best audio gear for a loud band accompanied by an orchestra

The 4099 CORE was put to use in a rock-orchestral concert with a full 6-person band accompanied by a 60-piece orchestra. The louder and high pitched instruments, like the brass sections high winds and auxiliary percussion, provide enough pressure level to cut through the mix. On the other hand, having the string section sitting close to the band is quite a challenge. The new 4099 CORE delivered brilliantly, even in these challenging situations. We were able to capture even the lower frequencies coming from the Cellos and Double Basses, regardless of their proximity to the drum kit and bass guitar. We used it on the Violins and Violas as well, so as to capture the entire string section with the same timbre.

We managed to capture the pizzicato parts as if they’re floating in the air, even during a busy drum sequence.

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