Covid-19 and the Audio Industry

Tough Times for the Audio Industry, but health comes first!

It’s almost unbelievable. The current world situation looks like something out of a thriller. Never in a million years would we have imagined this new reality. Our industry is facing a huge hit and will be amongst the last to recover. All spring and summer festivals and events have been postponed or even cancelled. That said, we trust the Health Authorities and the Maltese Government who are giving us the best advice. Our health comes first and foremost. If cancelling events can help flatten the curve, then so be it.

Our Covid-19 To-Do List

PowerSound jumps to any opportunity; in this case, we’re making the most out of an unfortunate one. We’re taking this long break to start working on that never ending to do list – the things we could not prioritise when busy with back-to-back events. There’s loads of work in progress. The technical team is working on new cabling, accessories, and an entire inventory, while the engineering team is busy making mixes for TV and social media. We are using this time to come out stronger once the pandemic is over.

We have also started laying the groundwork for an upcoming project that’s sure to impress! Stay tuned!

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