Even earlier than that, at seven years old, the man behind the brand was already experimenting with sound, deejaying at events in his home village with homemade cassettes.

As a teenager, Ronnie Dimech started delivering audio experiences in local clubs and discotheques. Through innate ingenuity, he managed to build his own speaker cabinets, adapting the equipment he had to the gig at hand. His passion and energy for sound reinforcement continued to grow, and a sound rental company was born.

He invested heavily in PowerSound, also building the technology required by DJ live acts of the day. From day one, PowerSound aimed at catering for large-scale events.

Back when digital consoles were still in their infancy, PowerSound identified Digico as a reliable brand, investing in Digico SD8, the flagship console still used on a weekly basis. The company also invested in a DBTechnologies DVA line array system.

A PA of this scale was a new concept to the island, as well as a big investment when considering the local market. Nonetheless, Ronnie’s passion was great, and thanks to this drive, the company continued to grow, both in size and in its available inventory.

With every year that went by, PowerSound grew in both personnel and expertise. 2019 saw the realization of every engineer’s and artist’s dream: Powersound became the proud owner of the L-Acoustics line array system.

With this kind of past, the brand’s future is powerfully exciting.